I'm interested in the relation between humans and their immediate environment. I look at how we adapt as individuals to the world that is presented to us while observing people's reactions to it. 
My aim is to ultimately raise awareness of how humans and their environment condition each other while exploring how voice and tone modify the impact of the photographs.


2018 Featured on Loose Women (ITV). Programme featuring Eliza Brichto. (United Kingdom)
2018 Featured on The Independent. Article by Sarah Young about Eliza Brichto. (United Kingdom)
2018 Featured on Forbes Magazine. Publication for Flux Ltd. (United Kingdom)
2017 Featured on Tech Crunch. Publication for Flux Ltd. (United Kingdom)
2015 Featured on Forbes Magazine. Publication for Revolut Ltd. (United Kingdom)
2012 Nelli Tanner. A Sense of Place at the National Museums Scotland in Edinburgh. (United Kingdom)
2012 Alexander Friedrich. A Medal of Honour at the Klimt02 Gallery, Barcelona. (Spain)
2012  Mitä ikinä haluat at Imatra Taidemuseo. (Finland)
2011  The Big Band Festival at Imatran Kylpylä. (Finland)


2018 Jewellery Photography for Ignasi Cavaller. (Spain)
2017 Freelance. Eliza Brichto for Zara Boys. (United Kingdom)
2017 Flux Systems Ltd. Corporate Photography. (United Kingdom)
2016 Revolut Ltd. Corporate Photography. (United Kingdom)
2013 to 2015 Disney Cruise Line. Portrait Photography. (United States)
2013 Celebrity X Cruises. Portrait Photography. (United States)
2012 Freelance. Model Portfolio Photography (Russian Federation)
2012 Photography Assistant for Joan de Silva. (Finland)
2012 PolaLab. Product Photography. (Russian Federation)
2012 Saimaa University of Applied Sciences. Event Photography. (Finland)
2011  Imatra Big Band Festival. Event Photography. (Finland)
2011  Nelli Tanner. Jewellery Photography. (Finland)
2011  8th International Black and White Theater Festival. Event Photography (Finland)
2011  Imatra Taidemuseo. Fine Art Photography. (Finland)
2011 “The Spiral”, installation by Radoslaw Gryta and Juhani Järvinen. Fine Art Photography. (Finland


2012  Fashion and Model Photography with Joan de Silva. (Finland)
2011  Jewellery Design with Nelli Tanner. (Finland)
2010  Pinhole Photography with William Mokrysnki. (Canada)
2010  Landscape Photography with Kari Holopainen. (Finland)
2010  Documentary Photography with Katerina Mistal. (Sweden)
2009  Editorial Design with William Mokrynski (Canada)
2009  Studio Photography with Tero Puha (Finland)


2009 to 2012  BA in Visual Arts. Major in Photography. Saimaa University of Applied Sciences. (Finland)
2007 to 2009  BA in Fine Arts. Majors in Painting and Sculpture. Universidad the Granada. (Spain)

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